Thursday, 13 March 2014

Search on Pc VS Smartphone

When it comes to Internet ‘search’, which platform do you use? Mobile or a PC? Studies show that still, people are more inclined on searching anything via their computer as compared to smartphone. Far and wide, Google is one among the most powerful search engines and it engulfs almost 90% of the global market. But, when it comes to mobile, search engines aren’t used as frequently as they are in a PC.

As a matter of fact, people mostly go for app based content. In order to address to this issue, Google is making an attempt to index more and more app based content. So as to do this, deep links have been integrated. Majorly, for Android apps, the deep linking has been executed.
Google mobile usage

With the coming of app Quixey, deep linking has come into practice. Though, there is a considerable research on mobile happening but it is lesser as compared to PC. As per the surveys, there is difference between using an app and keeping it in the phone. Facebook is one of those apps where people spend most of their time as compared to any other location. The social networking site dominates in both cases that are time consumption and usage frequency.

Some of the most common things searched and used over the smart phone are:
1. Facebook
2. Google sites
3. Google Play
4. Pandora radio
5. Google search

Among so many searches happening, people are going for immediate sites. For instance, people are using Facebook for social interaction. People are downloading the Facebook app and consuming at a large rate. Considering the fact that huge app oriented content is consumed, deep linking is expected to help indexing them better.

 Top mobile apps/sites
 With the passing time, it is expected that people will start spending time more on mobile search as well. At the same time, businesses will be able to expand their reach and help in manifesting themselves at large. Studies also show that people in developing nations are more inclined on PC ‘search’ than smartphone. It can be easily predicted that the ‘search’ for services, products or any subject will surge high in future.

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