Saturday, 19 October 2013

Know How App Store Optimization Works!

It is seen that in the last few years, the users of Smart phones are increasing speedily. With the rise in number of Smart phone users, more and more people are getting involved in apps and games. This is the reason why developers are making their full efforts in developing an excellent app and gaining revenues thereafter. However, app creators are facing a lot of cluttered field, due to constantly growing number of apps in an app store. The best solution for getting your app noticed and downloaded may lie in Application Store Optimization. This is why; people are interested in knowing about ASO, how it works, what are its impacts, and how it will be useful for your app?

Do you know the difference in the strategy of SEO that is followed for Smartphones?

There are basically two types of SEO which are needed for a smart phone. One is needed for the improved ranking in the popular search engine, while another is needed for better visibility within the app marketplace. The optimization practices can easily be applied to influence external search engine results page rankings. For attaining this, you just need to optimize the content for the optimal keywords. The other thing which influences the ranking of your app is the way Apple and Google rate apps in their online stores. There are many factors such as number of downloads, user reviews, and category all play a very important role in your application’s ranking within the store’s search results.

The bedrock of good SEO is keyword selection that applies to all the apps. You need to start by identifying your target audience. You should know the answers of questions such as who would want to use your app, why, and what are they looking for? Apart from knowing the relevant keywords, you should also focus on the SEO design for your apps. Factors that play a role in SEO designing are app name and URL. The app name should include your brand name and also indicate what it does. The process of selection of keywords also helps you in finding such terms which can make you stand out from others. Similarly, here are other factors too such as app category, app description that can affect the ranking of your app on an app store. If you want to make your app popular and visible on Amazon app store then, you need to optimize it using Amazon app store optimization technique.

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