Friday, 4 October 2013

Concept of Online Marketing

Online marketing is a process where the products are advertised and marketed through the internet. This is also known as online advertising or web marketing or e-marketing.

Internet marketing is rapidly growing these days because of the simplicity and the monetary benefits accompanied with it.  There are lots of methods to earn money through online marketing.
How does it operate?

Online marketing involves advertising, marketing and selling the products online. This requires strong website content first. The website must be user friendly and should clearly contain all instructions as to how to operate. The website design, in itself should be very simple and should not cause any discomfort for the end user.
Once a successful website is created, then the mission is half achieved. The process does not stop here.  The website owners should take necessary steps to advertise this website on various social media networks to increase awareness and position the website well in the minds of the end users. The website should attract as many views as possible and the traffic should be really high. The number of views determines the success of a website.

Online marketing is the best way to build the brand image of the business easily in the minds of the end user.  Online advertising also generates money. There are businesses that set up their advertisements in popular websites for a fee and get paid for the number of views that their advertisements are able to garner. While users look at these advertisements on premium websites, they get curious and click to know more. This improves the visibility of the product and is a online marketing tool to be used.

The customers are hugely benefited from online marketing, as they are spoilt for choice. They have lots of options to choose from and they have continuous support from the business in case of any problems. Normally the physical stores are either closed for holidays or have weekly offs. However, the online marketing tools have 24/7 customer care and support, which the user can immediately avail in case of any issues.

Lots of time and effort is saved through online marketing. The time taken to visit to the actual stores, the time taken to choose the products, standing in the queue for billing and time taken for payment is totally eradicated in online marketing. The websites clearly categorize the products sold. So the user can go to one particular category to buy his product, choose the preferred payment mode, make payment and exit from the website in less than 10 min.

Online marketing has changed the way, the world operates today. Even household articles like groceries and vegetables can be purchased online and are delivered at the doorstep of the customer today. With all these benefits, it is no wonder that online marketing has dominated traditional marketing in more ways than one today. Online marketing can attract hundred times more visitors than the actual marketing tools and hence the success rate is very high in this model.

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